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Season 20 (Fall 2022) Stonewall Bocce season is right around the corner! And we are proud to welcome our sponsors, Trade, Number 9, Green Lantern, Metro Weekly, Pizza Policy...and more to come!

This year we will have up to 54 teams, with a maximum of 15 players per team and we will assign free agents to teams that do not reach the 15-player max if needed. As always, we will play at 6:45 pm on Thursdays on Logan Circle.

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Registration for returning players will begin on August 1st (Monday), at 9 am and will remain open until 9 pm that night.

The system will be set to ONLY allow returning players to register during this timeframe.

NOTE: If you try to use your phone to register, it will NOT work - you have to use a laptop or desktop. [it's a problem with leagueapps]


New players can begin registering on August 2nd (Tuesday), at 9 am. Returning players will also be able to register during this phase until the cap is reached.

Registration will stay open until 9pm on August 3rd (Wednesday).

PLEASE NOTE: The system should block new players from registering during returning player registration, but just in case, we will do an audit that night of returner player registration. Any new player who did not wait until February 8th will be notified, deleted from the system, and their registration fee refunded. They may then register again during the New Player Registration period.


As always, teams and players become official on a first registered, first served basis. The first player to register for each team should create the team (please do this as early as possible), and then players will either sign up on a team or as a free agent. Teams will achieve official team status once 10 players have registered. The first 54 teams to reach team status will be allowed into the league. Any team that does not reach team status will be dissolved and the players will be reassigned to other teams (or teams may be combined). It is important for returning players to register as early as possible to be sure that teams can remain the same if you would like to keep your team.


If you are a new or returning player and have already talked to a team about joining them, be sure to register for THAT team. If you are glad to join any team or do not have a certain team, please register as a free agent.

If you are a new player, welcome to Stonewall Bocce! All free agents will be assigned to teams that have open spaces. If you are a free agent and have a special request (i.e., you are joining as an individual with a friend and want to be on the same team, you have a preference to join a particular team if they have an opening, etc.), please email commissioner Daniel at dcbocce.daniel@stonewallsports.org when you register to let us know. We cannot guarantee requests, but we will make every effort.

Captains: We will notify you when we assign an free agent to your team, but will not be able to seek approval for each one prior to assignments. We may also be able to accommodate captain requests for particular free agents if we receive them quickly. We will move very quickly to assign free agents once registration is complete so please let us know ASAP.


Everyone will register through our Bocce website -http://stonewallbocce.leagueapps.com/. Just click on Season 20 registration, complete the form, and pay your fee. Like last season, the registration fee is $45 for new and returning players. If you are a returning player and already have a league apps account, be sure to use your current login (otherwise the system thinks you are a new player and you will be blocked).

If you are a new player, you can go into the system in advance and create an account (click on "sign up" in the very top right corner). This will make your actual registration for the season go very quickly when your time comes.

If you have any questions, your Pit Crew is happy to help. Just email us at dcbocce.daniel@stonewallsports.org.

Thanks! We hope you will join us again!

Your Bocce Commissioners, aka The Pit Crew:

Howard Shores, Daniel Ostick, Vernon Wall, Chris Splet, Nick Mitchell, Justin Zanetti

Season 20 - Fall 2022 Calendar of Events:

    August 1 (Mon): Returning player registration (starts at 9am)

    August 2 (Tues): New player registration (starts at 9am)

    August 4 (Thurs): New player mixer @ Trade

    August 30 (Tues): Captain's Meeting @ Number Nine

    August 31 (Wed): Season 20 Kick Off Party and T-Shirt Pick Up @ Green Lantern

    Sept 8 (Thurs): Game #1 (as always, Logan Circle at 6:45pm)

    Sept 15: Game #2

    Sept 22: Game #3 & Game #4 - double-header night! 

    Sept 29: Game #5

    Oct 6: Game #6

    Oct 13: Game #7

    Oct 20: Game #8 and Mid-Season Social at Green Lantern

    Oct 22 (Sat): Saturday game day (only if we have a lot of rainouts)

    Oct 27: Game #9

    Nov 3: Game #10

    Nov 10: Game #11 (last regular season game)

    Nov 17: no games

    Nov 19 (Sat): Playoffs & Closing Party

Sorry... No programs at this time.

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